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Epidemic West Nile Encephalitis, New York, 1999: Results of a Household-based Seroepidemiological Survey
Lancet 358:261-264,254, Mostashari,F.,et al, 2001
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Article Abstract
In the summer of 1999, West Nile virus was recognized in the western hemisphere for the first time when it caused an epidemic of encephalitis and meningitis in the metropolitan area of New York City, NY, USA. Intensive hospital-based survei llance identified 59 cases, including seven deaths in the region. We did a household-based seroepidemiological survey to assess more clearly the public-health impact of the epidemic, its range of illness, and risk factors associated with infection. Duri ng the 1999 West Nile virus outbreak, thousands of symptomless and symptomatic West Nile viral infections probably occurred, with fewer than 1% resulting in severe neurological disease.
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