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Acute Viral Encephalitis
NEJM 379:357-366, Tyler,K.L., 2018

A 22-year-old Man Presenting with Headache and Right Leg Jerks
Neurol 91:891-895, Schupper, A.J.,et al, 2018

A 35-Year-Old Bricklayer with Hemimyoclonic Jerks
Lancet 351:1926, Grunewald,T.,et al, 1998

Neuro-Ophthalmic Manifestations of Lyme Disease
J Neuro-Ophthalmol 17:108-121, Balcer,L.J.,et al, 1997

Neurologic Manifestations in Children with Lyme Disease
Pediatrics 96:1053-1056, Bingham,P.M.,et al, 1995

Focal Encephalitis with Enterovirus Infections
Pediatrics 88:841-845, Modlin,J.F.,et al, 1991

Showing articles 0 to 6 of 6