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IGG4-Related Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis Coexpressing Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies
Neurol 4:e341-e343, Massey, J., 2017

Clinical Metagenomic Sequencing for Diagnosis of Meningitis and Encephalitis
NEJM 380:2327-2340, Wilson, M.R.,et al, 2019

NEJM 381:1358-1363, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2019

Recurrent Dysarthria and Ataxia in a Young Girl
JAMA Neurol 75:125-126, Romba, M.,et al, 2018

Neurol 90:e1638-e1645, Schievink, W.I.,et al, 2018

A Fatal Case of Undiagnosed Candida Meningitis-Role of Computer-assisted Diagnosis
Neurologist 23:138-140, Finelli, P.F., 2018

Pseudo-Leptomeningeal Contrast Enhancement at 3T in Pediatric Patients Sedated by Propofol
AJNR 39:1739-1744, McKinney, A.M.,et al, 2018

A Patient with a History of Encephalomyelitis and Recurrent Optic Neuritis
Neurol 89:e231-e234, Gutman, J.M.,et al, 2017

Discriminating Long Myelitis of Neuromyelitis Optica from Sarcoidosis
Ann Neurol 79:437-447, Flanagan, E.P.,et al, 2016

Clinicopathologic Conference, Neurosarcoidosis
NEJM 374:1966-1975, Case 15-2016, 2016

Rapidly Progressive Quadriplegia and Encephalopathy
JAMA Neurol 73:1363-1366, Wynn, D.,et al, 2016

Candida Meningitis in an Immunocompetent Patient Detected Through (1?3)-beta-?-glucan
Int J Infect Dis 51:25-26, Farrugia, M.K.,et al, 2016

Spectrum of Imaging Appearances of Intracranial Cryptococcal Infection in HIV/AIDS Patients in the Anti-Retroviral Therapy Era
Clin Radiol 71:9-17, Offiah, C.E. & Naseer, A., 2016

Amyloid-Beta Related Angiitis of the Central Nervous System: Case Report and Topic Review
Front Neurol 5:1-4, Nouh, A.,et al, 2014

Criteria for the Diagnosis of Corticobasal Degeneration
Neurol 80:496-503, Armstrong, M.J.,et al, 2013

Infective Endocarditis at Autopsy
Medicine 91:152-164, Fernandez Guerrero,M.L.,et al, 2012

Dilemmas in the Diagnosis of Acute Community-Acquired Bacterial Meningitis
Lancet 380:1684-1692,1623, Brouwer, M.,et al, 2012

A Case of Hashimoto Encephalopathy Clinical Manifestation, Imaging, Pathology, Treatment, and Prognosis
The Neurologist 17:141-143, Zhao, W.,et al, 2011

Peri-ictal Pseudoprogression in Patients with Brain Tumor
Neuro Oncol 13:775-782, Rheims, S.,et al, 2011

NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Mimicking Seronegative Neuromyelitis Optica
Neurol 74:1473-1475, Kruer,M.C., et al, 2010

Tularemic Meningitis in the United States
Arch Neurol 66:523-527, Hofinger,D.M.,et al, 2009

Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor (NHMDAR) Encephalitis in Children and Adolescents
Ann Neurol 66:11-18,1, Florance,N.R.,et al, 2009

Aicardi-Goutiļæ½res Syndrome
Br Med Bull 89:183-201, Orcesi, S.,et al, 2009

Diagnosis and Treatment of Neuromyelitis Optica
The Neurologist 13:2-11, Wingerchuk,D.M., 2007

Transient Postictal MRI Changes in Patients with Brain Tumors may Mimic Disease Progression
Surg Neurol 67:246-250, Finn, M.A.,et al, 2007

Steroid-Responsive Encephalopathy Associated with Autoimmune Thyroiditis
Arch Neurol 63:197-202, Castillo,KP.,et al, 2006

Spontaneous Spinal Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks and Intracranial Hypotension
JAMA 295:2286-2296, Schievink,W.I., 2006

Pseudo-Subarachnoid Hemorrhage:A CT-Finding in Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension
Neurol 65:135-137, Schievink,W.I.,et al, 2005

Clinical Features and Diagnosis of Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma
Hematol Oncol Clin North Am 19:689-703, Fitzsimmons,A.,et al, 2005

Stroke or Encephalitis?
Emerg Med Australas 17:401-404, Townend,B.S.,et al, 2005

Update on Susacs Syndrome
Curr Opin Neurol 18:311-314, Gross,M. &Eliashar,R., 2005

Neurologic Manifestations in Primary Sjogren Syndrome: A Study of 82 Patients
Medicine 83:280-291, Delalande,S.,et al, 2004

Pseudo-Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Neurocritical Care 1:371-374, Cucchiara, B.,et al, 2004

The Neurological Masquerade of Intravascular Lymphomatosis
Arch Neurol 59:439-443, Beristain,X.&Azzarelli,B., 2002

Acute Meningoencephalitis and Meningitis to Primary HIV Infection
BMJ 325:1225-1227, Newton,P.J.,et al, 2002

La Crosse Encephalitis in Children
NEJM 344:801-807, McJunkin,J.E.,et al, 2001

Malpractice Claims: Outcome Evidence to Guide Neurologic Education?
Neurol 56:1099-1100,991, Glick,T.H., 2001

The Outbreak of West Nile Virus Infection in the New York City Area in 1999
NEJM 344:1807-1814,1858, Nash,D.,et al, 2001

Acute Obstructive Hydrocephalus Heralding Neurocysticercosis
Conn Med 65:451-454, Finelli,P.F., 2001

Epidemic West Nile Encephalitis, New York, 1999: Results of a Household-based Seroepidemiological Survey
Lancet 358:261-264,254, Mostashari,F.,et al, 2001

Nonpoliovirus Poliomyelitis Simulating Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Arch Neurol 58:1460-1464, Gorson,K.C.&Ropper,A.H., 2001

Toxoplasmosis Manifesting as Hydroephalus on Computed Tomography
Infect Dis Clin Practice 9:390-392, Finelli,P.F. &Uphoff,D.F., 2000

Hashimoto's Encephalitis as a Differential Diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
JNNP 66:172-176, Seipelt,M.,et al, 1999

A Woman with Panic Attacks and Double Vision Who Liked Cheese
Lancet 354:300, Vogt,T.&Hasler,P., 1999

Primary Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma of the Central Nervous System
Hum Pathol 30:978-981, Abdulkader, I.,et al, 1999

Retinocochleocerebral Vasculopathy
Medicine 77:12-40, Petty,G.W.,et al, 1998

Susac Syndrome
Medicine 77:3-11, Papo,T.,et al, 1998

Poliomyelitis-Like Illness Due to Japanese Encephalitis Virus
lancet 351:1094-1097, Solomon,T.,et al, 1998

Neuro-Ophthalmic Manifestations of Lyme Disease
J Neuro-Ophthalmol 17:108-121, Balcer,L.J.,et al, 1997

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