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A 71-year-old Man Receiving Treatment for Cryptococcal Meningitis, Developing New-Onset Lethargy
Neurol 92:815-820, Peng, T.J.,et al, 2019

Dog Licks Baby. Baby gets Pasteurella Multocida Meningitis
Lancet 393:e41, Ryan, J.M. & Feder Jr., H.M., 2019

Clinicopathologic Conference, Human Herpesvirus 6-Related Meningoencephalitis
NEJM 378:659-669, Case 5-2018, 2018

Antibody-Mediated Encephalitis
NEJM 378:840-851, Dalmau, J.,et al, 2018

A 56-year-old woman with acute vertigo and diplopia
Neurol 90:748-752, Sharma, R.,et al, 2018

Neurol 90:e1638-e1645, Schievink, W.I.,et al, 2018

Autoimmune Pancerebellitis Associated with Pembrolizumab Therapy
Neurol 91:91-93, Vitt, J.R.,et al, 2018

Neuroimaging Findings of Zika Virus-Associated Neurologic Complications in Adults
AJNR 39:1967-1974, Hygino da Cruz, L.C.,et al, 2018

Clinicopathologic Conference, Granulomatous Amebic Encephalitis and Sarcoidosis (Inactive)
NEJM 376:368-379, Case 3-2017, 2017

CNS Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder
Neurol 89:e32-e37, Kesari, N.K.,et al, 2017

Disseminated Aspergillosis in an HIV-positive Cannabis user taking steroid treatment
Lancet Infect Dis 17:882, Salam, A.P. & Pozniak, A.L., 2017

Cytotoxic Lesions of the Corpus Callosum That Show Restricted Diffusion: Mechanisms, Causes, and Manifestations
RadioGraphics 37:562-576, Starkey, J.,et al, 2017

A 73-year-old Man with Sarcoidosis and Multifocal Ischemic Strokes
Neurol 87:e119-e123, Pichler, M.,et al, 2016

A Benign But Potentially Life-Threatening Headache
Neurol 87:e168-e173, Zhang, D.,et al, 2016

A 35-Year-Old Man with 2 Episodes of Meningoencephalitis Associated with Flu-Like Illness
Neurol 84:e60-e64, Lewis, S.L., 2015

Rheumatoid Meningitis Presenting with Stroke-Like Episodes
Neurol 82:1564-1565, Bourgeois, P.,et al, 2014

Clinicopathologic Conference, Streptococcus Bovis Associated Meningitis and the Strongyloides Stercoralis Hypertension Syndrome
NEJM 371:1051-1060, Case 28-2014, 2014

Low Pressure Headaches caused by Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension
BMJ 349:g6219, Scott, S. & Davenport, R., 2014

Sturge-Weber Syndrome
UptoDate , Nov, Bodensteiner, J.B., 2014

Disturbances of Cerebrospinal Fluid, Including Hydrocephalus, Pseudotumor Cerebri, and Low-Pressure Syndromes, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology, Chp 30, pg 624, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Infections of the Nervous System, (Bacterial, Fungal, Spirochetal, Parasitic) and Sarcoidosis, Subdural Empyema
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology, Chp 32, pg 711, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Herpes Simplex Virus Encephalitis:Clinical Manifestations,Diagnosis and Outcome in 106 Adult Patients
J Clin Virol 60:112-118, Sili,U.,et al, 2014

Fungal Infections Associated with Contaminated Methylprednisolone Injections - Preliminary Report
NEJM 368:2495-2509, Kauffman, C.,et al, 2013

Pachymeningitis after Meningococcal Infection
Lancet 381:1596, Toubiana, J.,et al, 2013

Fungal Infections Associated with Contaminated Methylprednisolone Injections
NEJM 369:1598-1609, Smith, R.M.,et al, 2013

Clinical Findings for Fungal Injections Caused by Methylprednisolone Injections
NEJM 369:1610-1619, Chiller, T.M.,et al, 2013

Sturge-Weber Syndrome
MedLink Neurology, July, Comi, A.M., 2013

Seizure-Induced Brain Lesions: A Wide Spectrum of Variably Reversible MRI Abnormalities
Eur J Neurol 82:1964-1972, Cianfoni, A.,et al, 2013

Neurological Immune-Related Adverse Events of Ipilimumab
Pract Neurol 13:278-280, Bot, I.,et al, 2013

Central Nervous System Involvement in Dengue
Neurol 78:736-742, Araujo,F.M.C.,et al, 2012

Lamotrigine and Aseptic Meningitis
Neurol 78:921-927, Simms,K.M.,et al, 2012

Fungal Infections Associated with Contaminated Methylprednisolone in Tennessee
NEJM 367:2194-2203, Kainer, M.,et al, 2012

Subdural empyema in bacterial meningitis
Neurol 79:2133-2139, Jim, K.,et al, 2012

Complications and Outcome of Infective Endocarditis
UpToDate January, Spelman, D. & Sexton, D., 2012

Post-Infective Transverse Myelitis Following Streptococcus Pneumoniae Meningitis with Radiological Features of Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis: A Case Report
J Med Case Reports 6:313, Williams, T. & Thorpe, J., 2012

Spectrum of Neurologic Complications in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Clin Lymphoma Myeloma Leuk 12:164-179, Lopes da Silva, R., 2012

Peri-ictal Pseudoprogression in Patients with Brain Tumor
Neuro Oncol 13:775-782, Rheims, S.,et al, 2011

Neurosacrcoidosis: Presentations and Management
Neurologist 16:2-15, Terushkin,V.,et al, 2010

Lamotrigine: An Unusual Etiology for Aseptic Meningitis
Neurologist 16:35-36, Lam,G.,et al, 2010

Nosocomial Bacterial Meningitis
NEJM 362:146-154, van de Beek,D.,et al, 2010

Infectious and Non-Infectious Neurologic Complications in Heart Transplant Recipients
Medicine 89:166-175, Mu´┐Żoz,P., et al, 2010

Transverse Myelitis
NEJM 363:564-572, Frohman,E.M. &Wingerchuk,D.M., 2010

Neurological Consequences of Atrioesophageal Fistula After Radiofrequency Ablation in Atrial Fibrillation
Arch Neurol 66:884-887, St´┐Żllberger,C.,et al, 2009

Delayed Cerebral Thrombosis After Initial Good Recovery From Pneumococcal Meningitis
Neurol 73:1988-1995, Schut,E.S.,et al, 2009

Safety of Biologic Agents After Rituximab Therapy in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheum Int: December 2009, Mishra, R.,et al, 2009

Herpes Simplex Encephalitis during Treatment with Tumor Necrosis Factor- Inhibitors
CID 49:924-927, Bradford, R.D.,et al, 2009

Bacterial Meningitis: An Urgent Need for Further progress to Reduce Mortality and Morbidity
Neurol 70:2095-2096, Tyler,K.L., 2008

Tick-Borne Encephalitis
Lancet 371:1861-1871, Lindquist,L. &Vapalahti,O., 2008

Streptococcus Pneumoniae Meningoencephalitis with Unusual and Widespread White Matter Lesions
Eur J Paediatr Neurol 12:127-132, Jorens P.G.,et al, 2008

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