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Neuroimaging Findings of Zika Virus-Associated Neurologic Complications in Adults
AJNR 39:1967-1974, Hygino da Cruz, L.C.,et al, 2018

Clinicopathologic Conference, Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Consistent with Neurolymphomatosis
NEJM 376:2471-2481, Case 19-2017, 2017

Elsberg Syndrome
Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm 4:e355-e362, Savoldi, F.,et al, 2017

Rapidly Progressive Quadriplegia and Encephalopathy
JAMA Neurol 73:1363-1366, Wynn, D.,et al, 2016

Lyme Meningo-Radiculitis Responsive to Oral Doxycycline Therapy in the USA
OMCR 12:2014 doi:10.1093/omcr/omu061, Jassam, Y.N. & Thaler, D.E., 2014

Neuro-Lyme Disease: MR Imaging Findings
Radiol 253:167-173, Agarwal, R. & Sze, G., 2009

Clinicopath Conf,Lyme Disease of the Nervous System
NEJM 356:1561-1570, Case Record 11-2007, 2007

Neurobrucellosis:Clinical and Neuroimaging Correlation
AJNR 25:395-401, Al-Sous,M.W.,et al, 2004

HSV-2 Sacral Radiculitis (Elsberg Syndrome)
Neurol 63:758-759, Eberhardt,O.,et al, 2004

Leptomeningeal Enhancement in a Patient with Proven West Nile Virus Infection
AJR 181:591-592, Olsan,A.D.,et al, 2003

MR of Sarcoidosis in the Head and Spine:Spectrum of Manifestations and Radiographic Response to Steroid Therapy
AJNR 15:973-982, Lexa,F.J.&Grossman,R.I., 1994

Showing articles 0 to 11 of 11