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Clinicopathologic Conference, Adenovirus Meningoencephalitis
NEJM 381:1459-1470, Case 31-2019, 2019

Antibody-Mediated Encephalitis
NEJM 378:840-851, Dalmau, J.,et al, 2018

Treatable Bilateral Striatal Lesions Related to Anti-Dopamine 2 Receptor
Neurol 91:98-101, Marques-Matos, C.,et al, 2018

Acute Viral Encephalitis
NEJM 379:357-366, Tyler,K.L., 2018

Clnicopathologic Conference Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) Receptor Encephalitis
NEJM 379:870-878, CASE 27-2018, 2018

Spectrum of Imaging Appearances of Intracranial Cryptococcal Infection in HIV/AIDS Patients in the Anti-Retroviral Therapy Era
Clin Radiol 71:9-17, Offiah, C.E. & Naseer, A., 2016

A Variegated Squirrel Bornavirus Associated with Fatal Human Encephalitis
NEJM 373:154-162, Hoffmann, B.,et al, 2015

Actionable Diagnosis of Neuroleptospirosis by Next-Generation Sequencing
NEJM 370:Doi:10.1056/NEJMoal1401268, Wilson, M.R.,et al, 2014

Clinical Reasoning: A 28-year-old IV Drug User with Bilateral Basal Ganglia and Brainstem Lesions
Neurol 80:e73-e76, Lin, T.,et al, 2013

Hashimotos Encephalopathy
Radiol Case Reports 6:445-449, Ramalho, J. & Castillo, M., 2011

Clinicopath Conference, Cryptococcosis With Cryptococcal Meningitis in Liver Allograft Recipient
NEJM 358:1604-1613, Case 11-2008, 2008

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prognosis of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Childhood Encephalitis: Systematic Review of 58 Cases
J Child Neurol 19:865-871, Daxboeck,F., et al, 2004

Neurologic Manifestations and Outcome of West Nile Virus Infection
JAMA 290:511-515,524,558, Sejvar,J.J.,et al, 2003

MRI Findings in Susac's Syndrome
Neurol 61:1783-1787, Susac,J.O.,et al, 2003

Encephalitis lethargica syndrome:20 new cases and evidence of basal ganglia autoimmunity
Brain 127, 21-33, Dale, R.C., et al, 2003

Out of Africa, Trypanosomiasis
NEJM 347:749-753, Sahlas,D.J.,et al, 2002

Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Infection May Cause Striatal Lesions Leading to Acute Neurologic Dysfunction
Neurol 43:2150-2151, Saitoh,S.,et al, 1993

Showing articles 0 to 17 of 17