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Paraneoplastic Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor Encephalitis Associated With Ovarian Teratoma
Ann Neurol 61:25-36,3, Dalmau,J.,et al, 2007

Susac Syndrome
Medicine 77:3-11, Papo,T.,et al, 1998

Neurologic Complications of Endocarditis in Persons Taking Drugs Intravenously
West J Med 124:276, Openshaw,H., 1976

Neuropsychiatric Manifest. of SLE:Diagnosis, Clinical Spectrum, & Relationship to Other Features of the Disease
Medicine 55:323, Feinglass,E.J.,et al, 1976

Neurologic Manifest. of Infective Endocarditis:A Review
Stroke 4:958, Greenlee,J.E.,et al, 1973

Neurologic Manifestations of Bacterial Endocarditis
Ann Int Med 71:21, Jones,H.,et al, 1969

Spinal Fluid Pleocytosis in SLE
Journal, Lancet Nov 1962, pp 458., Pierce,R.&Logothetis,J., 1962

Showing articles 0 to 7 of 7