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A 56-year-old woman with acute vertigo and diplopia
Neurol 90:748-752, Sharma, R.,et al, 2018

Early-Onset Stroke and Vasculopathy Associated with Mutations in ADA2
NEJM 370:911-920, Zhou, Q.,et al, 2014

Clinicopathologic Conference, Cerebral Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis
NEJM 371:162-173, Case 21-2014, 2014

Clinicopath Conf
Arteritis, Unclassified, with Giant-Cell Reaction & Multiple Infarcts of the Brain & Neuropathy, Cas, 5-199532:452-459,1995., 1995

Eye Movement Abnormalities in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Arch Neurol 52:1145-1149, Keane,J.R., 1995

Fatal Basilar Vasculopathy Complicating Bacterial Meningitis
Stroke 23:1175-1178, Perry,J.R.,et al, 1992

Clinicopath Conf
Infarcts, Multiple, Old, Cerebellum & Brain Stem, Secondary to Listeria Monocytogenes Rhombencephali, is, Cas89,NEJM 321:739-750,1989., 1989

Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia in Tuberculous Meningitis
Tubercle 70:61-64, Teoh,R.,et al, 1989

Segmental Myoclonus Clinical and Pharmacologic Study
Arch Neurol 43:1025-1031, Jankovic,J.&Pardo,R., 1986

Bilateral Sixth Nerve Palsy
Arch Neurol 33:681, Keane,J.R., 1976

Neurologic Manifestations of SLE 1972
Nebraska State Journ Med, Oct 1972, pp 395., Aita,J., 1972

Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia, Typical & Atypical
Arch Ophthal 84:583, Cogan,D.G., 1970

Clinical Cases-Dx:Functional Approach to Neuroanatomy pp 477-490 Earl Lawrence House
McGraw Hill 1967., , 1967

Central Nervous System Manifestations of Periarteritis Nodosa
Neurol 15:114, Ford,R.G.,et al, 1965

Showing articles 0 to 14 of 14