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A 14-Year-Old Girl with Headache, Seizures, and Confusion
Neurol 92:e161-e167, Xiao, L.,et al, 2019

A Woman in Her 60s with Chronic Meningitis from Aspergillus
JAMA Neurol 74:348-352, Pichler, M.R.,et al, 2017

Primary Angiitis of the Central Nervous System
Stroke 48:1248-1255, Boulouis, G.,et al, 2017

Cytotoxic Lesions of the Corpus Callosum That Show Restricted Diffusion: Mechanisms, Causes, and Manifestations
RadioGraphics 37:562-576, Starkey, J.,et al, 2017

Proptosis, Headache, and Fever in a Healthy Young Woman
Neurol 86:e168-e172, Orquera, J.,et al, 2016

Armies of Pestilence: CNS Infections as Potential Weapons of Mass Destruction
AJNR 36:1018-1024, Hart, B.L. & Ketai, L., 2015

Disturbances of Cerebrospinal Fluid, Including Hydrocephalus, Pseudotumor Cerebri, and Low-Pressure Syndromes, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology, Chp 30, pg 624, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Infections of the Nervous System, (Bacterial, Fungal, Spirochetal, Parasitic) and Sarcoidosis, Anthrax
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology, Chp 32, pg 710, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

The Index Case for the Fungal Meningitis Outbreak in the United States
NEJM 367:2119-2125, Pettit, A.C.,et al, 2012

Differential Diagnosis of Postpartum Headaches
Rev Mex Anest 32:Suppl1 S16-S23, MacArthur,A., 2009

Primary Angiitis of the Central Nervous System
Arch Neurol 66:704-709, Birnbaum,J. &Hellmann,D.B., 2009

Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome
Pract Neurol 9:256-267, Ducros,A. &Bousser,M.-G., 2009

Clinicopath Conf., Ruptured Mycotic Aneurysms of Basilar Artery Due to Aspergillosis of Sphenoid Sinuses and Optic Nerve Infarction
NEJM 358:2619-2628, Case 18-2008, 2008

Pseudo-Subarachnoid Hemorrhage:A CT-Finding in Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension
Neurol 65:135-137, Schievink,W.I.,et al, 2005

Familial Leptomeningeal Amyloidosis With a Transthyretin Variant Asp18Gly Representing Repeated Subarachnoid Haemorrhages With Superficial Siderosis
JNNP 75:1463-1466, Jin,K.,et al, 2004

Pseudo-Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Neurocritical Care 1:371-374, Cucchiara, B.,et al, 2004

Anthrax meningoencephalitis
Neurol 59:327-334,300, Lanska,D.J., 2002

Subarachnoid Space Dis:Diag with FLAIR MR Imaging & Comparison with Gadolinium-Enhanced Spin-Echo MR-Blinded Study
Radiology 208:417-422, Singer,M.B.,et al, 1998

Aneurysmal Third-Nerve Palsies Presenting with Pleocytosis
Neurol 46:1176, Keane,J.R., 1996

Acute Purulant Leptomeningitis Mimicking Subarachnoid Hemorrhage on CT
J Comput Assist Tomogr 18:126-128, Mendelsohn,D.B.,et al, 1994

Clinicopath Conf
Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis with Multiple Cerebral Emboli and Mycotic Aneurysm, Case 10-1993, NE, M 8:717-725,1993., 1993

Fatal Basilar Vasculopathy Complicating Bacterial Meningitis
Stroke 23:1175-1178, Perry,J.R.,et al, 1992

Central Nervous System Complications of Thermal Burns, A Postmortem Study of 139 Pts
Medicine 71:271-283, Winkelman,M.C.&Galloway,P.G., 1992

Development of Neurological Problems after Lumbar Puncture
BMJ 296:51-52, Hart,I.K.,et al, 1988

The Spinal Tap:A New Look at an Old Test
Ann Int Med 104:840-848, 880-8851986., Marton,K.I.&Gean,A.D., 1986

CSF Lactate in Diseases of the CNS
Arch Int Med 143:85-87, Jordan,G.W.,et al, 1983

Central Nervous System Infection by Vibrio fetus
Neurol 28:968-971, Zelinger,K.S.,et al, 1978

Diagnosis of Extracerebral Fluid Collections by Computed Tomography
Am J Roentgenol 131:107-110, Cornell,S.H.,et al, 1978

Neurologic Complications of Endocarditis in Persons Taking Drugs Intravenously
West J Med 124:276, Openshaw,H., 1976

Bilateral Sixth Nerve Palsy
Arch Neurol 33:681, Keane,J.R., 1976

The Diagnosis & Natural History of Spinal Cord Arteriovenous Malformations
Mayo Clin Proc 51:637, Tobin,W.D.,et al, 1976

False Positive Serology in Cerebrospinal Fluid Associated with a Spinal Cord Tumor
Neurol 26:591, Delaney,P., 1976

Neurologic Manifestations of SLE 1972
Nebraska State Journ Med, Oct 1972, pp 395., Aita,J., 1972

Neurological Involvement in SLE
Singapore Med J 12:18, Tay,C.H.,et al, 1971

Neurologic Manifestations of Bacterial Endocarditis
Ann Int Med 71:21, Jones,H.,et al, 1969

Showing articles 0 to 35 of 35