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IGG4-Related Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis Coexpressing Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies
Neurol 4:e341-e343, Massey, J., 2017

Clinicopathologic Conference, Powassan Virus Encephalitis
NEJM 380:380-387, Case 3-2019, 2019

Clinicopathologic Conference, Adenovirus Meningoencephalitis
NEJM 381:1459-1470, Case 31-2019, 2019

A 30-year-old man with headache and sleep disturbance
Neurol 90:e1535-e1540, English, S.W.,et al, 2018

An 18-year-old man with progressive headache and visual loss
Neurol 90:1076-1081, Jiang, N.,et al, 2018

A Fatal Case of Undiagnosed Candida Meningitis-Role of Computer-assisted Diagnosis
Neurologist 23:138-140, Finelli, P.F., 2018

Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy: Epidemiology, Clinical Manifestations, and Diagnosis, May, Koralnik, I.J., 2018

A Woman in Her 60s with Chronic Meningitis from Aspergillus
JAMA Neurol 74:348-352, Pichler, M.R.,et al, 2017

Neurocutaneous Melanosis with Diffuse Leptomeningeal Malignant Melanoma in an Adult
Neurol 86:e75-e79, Bhatia, R.,et al, 2016

Candida Meningitis in an Immunocompetent Patient Detected Through (1?3)-beta-?-glucan
Int J Infect Dis 51:25-26, Farrugia, M.K.,et al, 2016

Spectrum of Imaging Appearances of Intracranial Cryptococcal Infection in HIV/AIDS Patients in the Anti-Retroviral Therapy Era
Clin Radiol 71:9-17, Offiah, C.E. & Naseer, A., 2016

Chronic Mumps Meningoencephalitis with low CSF Glucose and Acute Hydrocephalus in an Adult
Neurol 82:e41-e43, Escalza-Cortina, I.,et al, 2014

Actionable Diagnosis of Neuroleptospirosis by Next-Generation Sequencing
NEJM 370:Doi:10.1056/NEJMoal1401268, Wilson, M.R.,et al, 2014

A Fatal Case of JC Virus Meningitis Presenting with Hydrocephalus in a Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Seronegative Patient
Ann Neurol 76:140-147, Agnihotri, S.P.,et al, 2014

Disturbances of Cerebrospinal Fluid, Including Hydrocephalus, Pseudotumor Cerebri, and Low-Pressure Syndromes, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology, Chp 30, pg 624, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Aspergillus Meningitis: A Rare Clinical Manifestation of Central Nervous System Aspergillosis
J Infect 66:218-238, Antinori, S.,et al, 2013

Clinicopathologic Conference, Neurocysticercosis Involving the Cerebral Ventricles and Spinal Meninges
NEJM 366:1924-1934, Case 15-2012, 2012

Neurosacrcoidosis: Presentations and Management
Neurologist 16:2-15, Terushkin,V.,et al, 2010

Ascending Paralysis from Malignant Leptomeningeal Melanomatosis
JNNP 81:449-450, Burrows,A.M., et al, 2010

Clinicopath Conference, Cryptococcosis With Cryptococcal Meningitis in Liver Allograft Recipient
NEJM 358:1604-1613, Case 11-2008, 2008

Clinical and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Manifestations of Neurosarcoidosis
Semin Arthritis Rheum 34:649-661, Spencer,T.W.,et al, 2005

Imaging Manifestations of Neurosarcoidosis
AJR 182:289-295, Smith, J.K.,et al, 2004

Primary Diffuse Meningeal Melanomatosis: Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation
AJNR 24:115-118, Pirini,M.,et al, 2003

Acute Obstructive Hydrocephalus Heralding Neurocysticercosis
Conn Med 65:451-454, Finelli,P.F., 2001

Toxoplasmosis Manifesting as Hydroephalus on Computed Tomography
Infect Dis Clin Practice 9:390-392, Finelli,P.F. &Uphoff,D.F., 2000

The Central Nervous system and Infection by Candida Species
Diagn Microbial Infect Dis 37:169-179, Sanchez-Portocarrero, J.,et al, 2000

Fungal Meningitis
Semin Neurol 20:307-322, Gottfredsson, M. & Perfect J.R., 2000

Clinicopath Conf,Wegener's Granulomatosis with Pachymeningeal Granulomatous Inflammation, Case 9-1999
NEJM 340:945-953, , 1999

MR Imaging of Acute Coccidioidal Meningitis
AJNR 20:509-514, Erly,W.K.,et al, 1999

Acute Obstructive Hydrocephalus complicating Bacterial Meningitis in Childhood
BMJ 316:1887-1889, Mactier,H.,et al, 1998

Chronic Neutrophilic Meningitis Caused by Candida Albicans
Neurologia 13:362-366, del Pozo, M.M.,et al, 1998

Candidal Meningitis in HIV-Infected Patients: Analysis of 14 Cases
Clin Inf Dis 25:473-476, Casado, J.L.,et al, 1997

Idiop Hypertrophic Cranial Pachymeningitis Assoc with Hydrocep & Myocarditis:Steroid-Induced Remission
Neurol 46:554-556, Tanaka,M.,et al, 1996

Neuroimaging Findings in Patients with AIDS
Clin Inf Dis 22:906-919, Walot,I.,et al, 1996

Lyme Neuroborreliosis Disguised as Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Neurol 46:1743-1745, Danek,A.,et al, 1996

Tuberculous Meningitis Among Adults with and without HIV Infection
Arch Int med 156:1710-1716, Yechoor,V.K.,et al, 1996

Cytomegalovirus Encephalitis
Ann Int Med 125:577-578, Arribas,J.R.,et al, 1996

MR Imaging of the Meninges, Part II, Neoplastic Disease
Radiology 201:605-612, Fukui,M.B.,et al, 1996

Adverse Outcomes of Bacterial meningitis in School-Age Survivors
Pediatrics 95:646-655, Grimwood,K.,et al, 1995

Clinical and Public Health Aspects of Tuberculous Meningitis in Children
J Pediatr 127:27-33, Doerr,C.A.,et al, 1995

Gadolinium Enhancement of the Leptomeninges Caused by Hydrocephalus:A Potential Mimic of Leptomeningeal Metastasis
AJNR 15:639-641, Schumacher,D.J.,et al, 1994

MR of Sarcoidosis in the Head and Spine:Spectrum of Manifestations and Radiographic Response to Steroid Therapy
AJNR 15:973-982, Lexa,F.J.&Grossman,R.I., 1994

Chronic Candidal Meningitis: An Uncommon Manifestation of Candidiasis
Clin Inf Dis 19:60-66, Voice, R.A.,et al, 1994

Clinicopath Conf
Cysticercosis Involving Basal Cisterns of Brain, Case 8-1993, NEJM 328:566-573993., , 1993

Idiopathic Granulomatous Angiitis of the Central Nervous System
Arch Neurol 50:925-930, Vollmer,T.L.,et al, 1993

Cytomegalovirus Ventriculoencephalitis in AIDS, A Syndrome with Distinct Clin & Path FEatures
Medicine 72:67-77, Kalayjian,R.C.,et al, 1993

Tuberculosis Meningitis in the Southwest United States
Neurol 43:1775-1778, Davis,L.E.,et al, 1993

Spectrum of Complications During Bacterial Meningitis in Adults
Arch Neurol 50:575-581, Pfister,H-W.,et al, 1993

Acute Ventricular Dilatation in Adult Meningococcal Meningitis
Neurol 42:458-459, Walls,T.J.&Allcutt,D.A., 1992

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