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IgG4-Related Disease and Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis
Medicine 92:206-216, Wallace, Z.,et al, 2013

Pseudo-Leptomeningeal Contrast Enhancement at 3T in Pediatric Patients Sedated by Propofol
AJNR 39:1739-1744, McKinney, A.M.,et al, 2018

Primary Angiitis of the Central Nervous System
Stroke 48:1248-1255, Boulouis, G.,et al, 2017

Clinicopathologic Conference, Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Consistent with Neurolymphomatosis
NEJM 376:2471-2481, Case 19-2017, 2017

Clippers with Diffuse White Matter and Longitudinally Extensive Spinal Cord Involvement
Neurol 86:103-105, Zhang, Y.X.,et al, 2016

Investigation of Leptomeningeal Enhancement in MS
Neurol 84:770-775, Eisele, P.,et al, 2015

Amyloid-Beta Related Angiitis of the Central Nervous System: Case Report and Topic Review
Front Neurol 5:1-4, Nouh, A.,et al, 2014

Sturge-Weber Syndrome
UptoDate , Nov, Bodensteiner, J.B., 2014

Sturge-Weber Syndrome
MedLink Neurology, July, Comi, A.M., 2013

Central Nervous System Lymphoma: Characteristic Findings on Traditional and Advanced Imaging
AJNR 32:984-992, Haldorsen, I.S.,et al, 2011

MR Imaging of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Syndrome with Leptomeningeal Enhancement
AJNR 32:E169-E171, Lohman, B.D.,et al, 2011

Neurosacrcoidosis: Presentations and Management
Neurologist 16:2-15, Terushkin,V.,et al, 2010

Clinicopath Conf, Neurosarcoidosis
NEJM 360:802-809, Case 6-2009, 2009

Primary Angiitis of the Central Nervous System
Arch Neurol 66:704-709, Birnbaum,J. &Hellmann,D.B., 2009

Ultra-Early Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings of Eclampsia
Arch Neurol 65:974-976, Nakagawa,K.,et al., 2008

Clinicopath Conf, Giant-Cell Arteritis
NEJM 359:2267-2278, Case 36-2008, 2008

Clinical Manifestations and Treatment of Rheumatoid Pachymeningitis
Neurol 68:1079-1080, Starosta,M.A. &Brandwein,S.R., 2007

Primary Central Nervous System Vasculitis: Analysis of 101 Patients
Ann Neurol 62:442-451,430, Salvarani,C.,et al, 2007

Transient Postictal MRI Changes in Patients with Brain Tumors may Mimic Disease Progression
Surg Neurol 67:246-250, Finn, M.A.,et al, 2007

Chorea as a Manifestation of Spontaneous CSF Leak
Neurol 67:1490-1491, Mokri,B.,et al, 2006

Clinical and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Manifestations of Neurosarcoidosis
Semin Arthritis Rheum 34:649-661, Spencer,T.W.,et al, 2005

Update on Susacs Syndrome
Curr Opin Neurol 18:311-314, Gross,M. &Eliashar,R., 2005

Leptomeningeal Enhancement in a Patient with Proven West Nile Virus Infection
AJR 181:591-592, Olsan,A.D.,et al, 2003

MRI Findings in Susac's Syndrome
Neurol 61:1783-1787, Susac,J.O.,et al, 2003

Clinicopath Conf, Lymphoblastic Lymphoma
NEJM 344:832-839, Case 8-2001, 2001

Multifocal Dural Enhancement Associated with Temporal Arteritis
Arch Neurol 57:119-122, Joelson,E.,et al, 2000

The Risk of Abducens Palsy after Diagnostic Lumbar Puncture
Neurol 54:768-769, Thomke,F.,et al, 2000

Unilateral Leptomeningeal Enhancement After Carotid Stent Insertion Detected by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Stroke 31:848-851, Wilkinson,I.D.,et al, 2000

Meningeal Carcinomatosis Manifested as Bilateral Progressive Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Am J Otol 21:510-512, Shen,T.Y., &Young,Y.H., 2000

Diffuse Meningeal Enhancement in Patients with Overdraining,Long-Standing Ventricular Shunts
Neurol 52:406-409, Hochman,M.S.&Naidich,T.P., 1999

MRI Abnormalities Associated with Partial Status Epilepticus
Neurol 52:1021-1027, Lansberg,M.G.,et al, 1999

MR Imaging of Acute Coccidioidal Meningitis
AJNR 20:509-514, Erly,W.K.,et al, 1999

Wegener Granulomatosis:MR Imaging Findings in Brain and Meninges
Radiology 213:794-799, Murphy,J.M.,et al, 1999

Cerebral MR Imaging in Intravascular Lymphomatosis
AJNR 19:427-431, Williams,R.L.,et al, 1998

Clinicopath Conf
Organizing Subdural Hygroma with Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension, Case 2-1998, NEJM 338:180-188, 19, 1998

Subarachnoid Space Dis:Diag with FLAIR MR Imaging & Comparison with Gadolinium-Enhanced Spin-Echo MR-Blinded Study
Radiology 208:417-422, Singer,M.B.,et al, 1998

Orthostatic Headaches Caused by CSF Leak but with Normal CSF Pressures
Neurol 51:786-790, Mokri,B.M.,et al, 1998

MR Imaging of Tubercular Spinal Arachnoiditis
AJR 168:807-812, Sharma,A.,et al, 1997

Epstein-Barr Virus Encephalomyelitis Diagnosed by Polymerase Chain Reaction:Detection of the Genome in the CSF
Neurol 48:1351-1355, Tselis,A.,et al, 1997

Enhanced MR Imaging of Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis
AJR 169:1425-1428, Friedman,D.P.&Flanders,A.E., 1997

"Idiopathic"Cranial Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis Responsive to Antiotuberculous Therapy:Case Report
Neurosurg 41:965-971, Parney,I.F.,et al, 1997

Meningitis, Vasculitis, and Cerebritis Caused by CNS Histoplasmosis:Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation
AJR 166:194-196, Zalduondo,F.M.,et al, 1996

Neuroimaging Findings in Patients with AIDS
Clin Inf Dis 22:906-919, Walot,I.,et al, 1996

Wegener Granulomatosis:CT and MR Findings
AJNR 17:785-792, Provenzale,J.,et al, 1996

Unusual Pattern of Enhancement in Cryptococcal Meningitis:In Vivo Findings with Postmortem Correl
J Comput Assist Tomogr 20:1023-1026, Arnder,L.,et al, 1996

MR Imaging of the Meninges, Part II, Neoplastic Disease
Radiology 201:605-612, Fukui,M.B.,et al, 1996

Multifocal Inflammatory Leukoencephalopathy Associated with Levamisole Therapy
Neurol 45:374-376, Kimmel,D.W.,et al, 1995

Postcontrast Meningeal MR Enhancement Secondary to Intracranial Hypotension Caused by Lumbar Puncture
J Comput Assist Tomogr 19:299-301, Bourekas,E.C.,et al, 1995

Focal Leptomeningeal MR Enhancement Along the Chiasm as a Presenting Sign of Multiple Sclerosis
J Comput Assist Tomogr 19:297-298, Demaerel,Ph.,et al, 1995

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